Track My Progress on the Camino

Track My Progress on the Camino


Follow my daily progress with Track My Tour, an IPhone app that lets me take pictures and add comments and will map my progress along the route.

I will be updating it hopefully every evening when I have WIFI access.  Don’t be alarmed if I don’t post because there will be days when I might not have access.  Also remember there is an 8 hour time difference ex., 6:00 PM in Denver is 2:00 AM in Spain.

This link will be “photo-heavy” so as the days go on it might take a few minutes for the site to load… if you see a white screen… give it a few minutes and it should respond.  It will show the newest pictures on top… if you want to see everything you may have to scroll backwards thru the photos.

One thought on “Track My Progress on the Camino

  1. Hi, TC !
    Congratulations on your adventure, and thanks for letting the rest of us share the experience via your TrackMyTour postings. I promise not to try to talk Wally into any bike tours while you are away.

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