Shell Ceremony

Shell Ceremony

The Scallop Shell is the traditional symbol of a pilgrim on the Way of St James.  The Colorado Front Range Chapter of American Pilgrims on the Camino held a Scallop Shell Ceremony for about 60 people who are planning to do their first Camino this year.


Here I am getting my shell!


Here’s the whole happy group — it was a lovely ceremony.



Pilgrims’ Blessing (Modified from the Codex Calixtinus)

Guard these who make a pilgrimage to Compostela.
May they find companions on the way,
have guidance at the 
crossroads, find strength in weariness,
be afforded defense in dangers, have shelter on the path,
find shade in the 
heat, find light in the darkness,
find comfort in discouragement, and have firmness of their intentions,
that they 
may arrive safely at the end of their journey and,
enriched with grace and virtue,
return to their homes filled with

salutary and lasting joy.

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