My Gear Camino

My Gear Camino

What to bring for a 40-day walk across Spain?  Excellent question…

All the guide books emphasize not bringing too much stuff.  The basic guideline is no more than 10% of your body weight — my goal was to stay at, or below 20 lbs with water (which weighs 2.2 lbs per liter).

To aid me in figuring out what to bring I found this great free app called GearGrams that lets you build a list of your gear with its weight and then add or remove it from lists you create.

You can see the details list and weight of each item on my Gear List page.

Here’s the list in pictures….

Camino Pack

Here’s the packed pack with hat, hiking poles and Levin solar charger.  The charger will be able to charge two devices each night so I won’t have to hunt for a plug.  The total weight without water is 17.55 lbs.

IMG_1015 (3)

These are the stuff sacks that are in the pack…


This is a picture of my outer gear:  walking poles, 4 pairs of wool socks (2 a day), rain pants, rain jacket, gloves, light weight fleece pullover, cotton scarf, hat, hiking shoes, keen sandals (for evenings, hot days, and if I have trouble with boots), flip flops (for evenings).


Here are my clothes: 2 pairs of Columbia quick dry hiking pants, 1 long sleeve merino wool shirt, 1 quick dry black camisole, 2 tank tops – one black, one black & white, 2 long-sleeve Solumbra sun shirts, 2 sets underwear, 1 shorts for sleeping, and 1 chiffon scarf.  I will be wearing one set of clothing and will carry one.


This is my extra outfit — a black t-shirt dress, leggings, and large black scarf (also same chiffon scarf pictured above).  I’m not sure if these items are necessary but I’m bringing them because I think I will want the option to wear something different on days off and some evenings.


Here’s my purple towel & wash cloth, navy blue inflatable pillow, Silk sleeping sack, ear plugs, clothes line, yellow first aid kit, roll of K-Tape, nail clippers, green massage ball, and hanging toiletry bag.

IMG_1014 (2)

This is my little “kitchen.”  I’ve got a plastic cutting board, a spork, a knife with toothbrush holder to store knife, a titanium mug, a small towel/napkin, some plastic bags for food, ice tea mix, and water bottle tube.


Here’s my Chico Hobo bag with its contents.  It weighs 1.89 lbs fully loaded. On the bag is my credential (pilgrim passport), inside the bag is my wallet, I’m bringing a plain paper journal with 2 pens and 2 pencils and one little pencil sharpener, in case I want to sketch.  The Hobo will travel in the top pouch of my pack.

The Chico water bottle sling will travel around my neck as I walk and will have my sunglasses, lip balm, IPhone, earplugs and handkerchief.  Next to it on the ground is my IPhone, chargers, and a fold-able Microsoft keyboard.

I like the Chico bag because it is versatile — I will be checking my pack on the plane and this bag super light but it is also big enough for my valuables, jacket and food.  I’m planning on carrying my pack most days on the Camino but if I wanted to use one of the pack delivery services I could carry what I need while walking in this bag.


And here is Luna, not looking very happy that all this packing is going on.  She is sitting on a stuff sack but alas she is not an “adventure” cat so she’ll be staying home.  I’m going to be in “big trouble” when I get back — she is not a fan of our little trips!

3 thoughts on “My Gear Camino

  1. Hi TC
    It appears that you have thought this trip and all your needs completely. I give you much credit for going on the adventure and hope it is all you expect it to be. I will be thinking about you and keeping in contact with you Keep safe.
    Love, Mom

  2. Jeeze TC, that is what I bring for an overnight… Have the experience of a lifetime! Living vicariously through you over these next weeks. Love you! Linda

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