Gear List

Gear List

There is a great app called that will let you create a gear list and then segment into separate lists.

I created 3 lists of what I’m bringing. You need to add the 3 lists up to get my total weight which right now is hovering around 17.55 lbs without water.

What is going in my Pack:

CaminoPack (14.1 lbs)

What is going in my Hobo Bag, which will travel inside the top pouch of my pack, but if I put my pack down for any reason I will grab out and use because it contains all my valuables (passport, money, journal, etc.)

CaminoHobo (1.89 lbs)

What is going in my Toiletry bag which will also travel inside my pack. I created a separate list for this because it was just easier for me to keep track of it that way.

CaminoToiletry (1.56 lbs)