Kenya & Uganda 2017

Kenya & Uganda 2017


Click here to follow me in Kenya and Uganda on TrackMyTour!
It will be active from 5/11/2017 to 5/23/2017:

Follow my daily progress with Track My Tour, an IPhone app that lets me take pictures and add comments and will map my progress along the route.

I will be updating it hopefully every evening when I have WIFI access.  Don’t be alarmed if I don’t post because there will be days when I might not have access.  Also remember there is an 9 hour time difference ex., 6:00 PM Monday in Denver is 3:00 AM Tuesday in Kenya/Uganda.

This link will be “photo-heavy” so as the days go on it might take a few minutes for the site to load… if you see a white screen… give it a few minutes and it should respond.  It will show the newest pictures on top… if you want to see everything you may have to scroll backwards thru the photos.

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